In-house Labwork

We offer in-house laboratory services providing immediate results for blood chemistry and parasite testing. Laboratory testing is used to confirm the presence of illnesses and to rule out other diseases. Early detection lab work will often find abnormalities weeks or even months before your pet would have started acting sick and is recommended during your pet’s annual examination.


We recommend regular oral exams and preventive dental care to prevent serious infections, mouth pain and tooth loss. Windsor Park Veterinary Clinic offers digital dental radiography to detect advanced periodontal disease, bone attachment loss, tooth impaction, tooth root infection (pulpitis) and painful tooth abscesses.

Nutritional Support

We offer a range of prescription diets to treat a variety of ailments.  Prescription diets are great to help manage obesity, urinary crystals, gastrointestinal disorders, kidney problems,allergies and arthritis.  


Vaccines protect against many serious and even fatal diseases. At Windsor Park Veterinary Clinic we customize vaccinations to the needs of your pet based on their age and lifestyle!

Digital Radiology

Digital radiology allows us to take and interpret images quicker than standard hand developed film. This gets you quicker answers and helps us decide the most appropriate treatment for your pet!

Wellness Care

Windsor Park Veterinary Clinic is a full service animal hospital offering services to treat sick or injured animals.